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Who Are We?

We’re a social enterprise committed to helping individuals and organizations thrive by unlocking their potential.

With ilmX, we introduce cutting-edge online courses that offer distance-learning and skill development opportunities to organizations all across the country.

The ilmX Story

The story of ilmX is unique – it’s the story of how our team’s passion for education and commitment to Pakistan’s development led us to create a platform that redefines online learning in the region.

It started with a realization that Pakistan faced a critical challenge: how to develop the skills and capabilities of the workforce, individuals as well as organisations, in a rapidly changing world, without disrupting the daily work routines. We knew that online learning was the answer, but we also knew that existing platforms weren’t designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of Pakistan.

So, we set out to create a platform that would do just that – a platform that would combine the best of global expertise and local knowledge to deliver online courses and training that were flexible, accessible, and effective.

That platform is ilmX. We believe that ilmX is a vehicle for the transformation of learning and development, and a catalyst for driving growth and innovation in the region’s economy.

The Team Behind ilmX

ilmX is more than just a learning platform – it’s an extension of the expertise and experience of the team behind it that has been an active part of Edly, a global leader in tech-based learning solutions with over 15 years of experience and a track record of helping over 55 million learners worldwide.

Edly continues to partner with some of the world’s most prestigious organizations, including edx, MIT, Stanford University, Wikimedia, the World Bank, and many others, to design and develop award-winning learning solutions that scale and grow their learning initiatives.