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teacher training course

Teaching Practice: Fundamentals of the 5E Model


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Project Management


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Machine Learning


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Countering Trade-Based Money Laundering

EY and ilmX are developing innovative training programs on Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Trade-Based Money Laundering (TBML). They are designed to equip banking and compliance professionals with the tools and knowledge to navigate these areas.

Teaching Practice: Fundamentals of the 5E Model

Explore our specialized course designed for schools that are committed to fostering exceptional teaching practices. It includes interactive modules and activities designed to equipped your educators with the essentials skills needed to transform student engagement.

Workplace Essentials Program

Workplace Essentials is a comprehensive library of courses designed to provide practical training to meet the unique needs of Pakistani organisations on critical topics and create a safe, sustainable and productive environment.

PSW Trade Lab

Enhance your expertise with PSW Trade Lab’s expert-led online courses, catering to trading professionals and organisations. Gain vital insights into international trade standards, legalities, tariffs and digital strategies to boost global competitiveness and compliance.

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